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60cc Monoject Toomey Hub Cannulas

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Diameter + Length
Cannula Style

Tulip CellFriendly harvesters and injectors used for syringe body sculpting and large volume fat transfer procedures can now be ordered with a 60cc Monject Toomey hub to fit the 60cc Toomey tip syringes.

When harvesting, pair with a 60cc Monoject Johnnie Lok for a hands-free vacuum.

Add versatility to your harvester by adding the 60cc Power Adapter. The Power Adapter allows you to use your harvester with a liposuction machine.

Make sure you have the proper cleaning tools for your cannulas. Add cannula cleaning brushes here.

Simply specify the Cannula Name and Diameter/Length options from the drop-down menus when ordering your 60cc Monoject Toomey Hub.

If you do not find the configuration you desire, please call Tulip at 858-270-5900 about a custom configuration.

These cannulas are also available in SuperLuerLok and LuerLok hubs on 2.4mm and smaller diameter instruments.

Before you order, please note: This is a semi-custom item and is therefore non-refundable & non-returnable. All sales are final.