Breast Reconstruction Tulip Aesthetics
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Breast Reconstruction Bundle

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Designed for the toughest mastectomy scarred tissue. This set redefines breast reconstruction by bundling the latest cutting-edge premium Tulips specifically designed to make this difficult procedure easier to perform well.

Bundle Includes: 

  • Spoon Tip Injector (Generation 1) on a Green SuperLuerLok Hub (14g) 2.1mm x 14cm
  • 3-Hole Rasping Harvester on a Green SuperLuerLok Hub (14g) 2.1mm x 15cm
  • Field Flap Specialty Cannula on a Green SuperLuerLok Hub (13g) 2.4mm x 15cm

Note: We cover all Bounty items under Tulip’s standard warranty. All Bounty sales are final. No returns or refunds.