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CellFriendly Instrument Cleaning Brushes™

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    These reusable brushes are the only brushes specially designed to clean CellFriendly Cannulas. The soft nylon bristles clean the lumen without damage to the CellFriendly surface. Use only Tulip brushes and stylettes on Tulip cannulas to maintain the CellFriendly benefits.

      CellFriendly brushes are available in the following sizes:

      • Small
        • For cleaning 1.2, and 1.4mm cannulas
        • 10 Brushes
      • Medium
        • For cleaning 2.1, 2.4, and 3.0mm cannulas
        • 10 Brushes
      • Large
        • For cleaning 3.7 and 4.6mm cannulas, 5 Brushes
      • X-Large
        • For cleaning 3.7 and 4.6mm handles, 5 Brushes