Marten Master Collection
Marten Master Collection, Nano spin, fat harvesting
Marten Master Collection
Marten Master Collection
Marten Master Collection, Nano spin, fat harvesting
Marten Master Collection

Marten Master Collection

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The Marten Collection was designed and inspired by Timothy Marten, MD of San Francisco, and intended for use on the face and for fat grafting facelift patients. It contains the Tulip instruments used by Dr. Marten in his facelift procedures.

Why the surge in patient demand for fat grafting facelift?

  • Superior results are now attainable using a combination of Tulip MicroFat and Tulip TRUE NanoFat along with facelift procedures
  • The recently published scientific data showing why these results are possible are explained here in Dr. Ramon Llull's paper where he characterizes Tulip’s TRUE NanoFat and demonstrates its high content of regenerative agents.  

Yes, patients want this procedure. But how can your investment in a Marten Master Collection benefit your practice?

- Convenience: 

We want to make it easy for you and your staff. The Marten Master Collection includes everything you need to perform the Tulip MicroFat and TRUE NanoFat portion of fat grafting facelifts. No scrambling for all the right instrumentation. And we design all our sets to be space savers and to be easily transportable from room to room. 

- Peace of Mind:

Your Marten Master Collection is designed around clinically validated and published protocols that you can count on for consistent results. The NanoSpin Crown System™ (included in the Marten Master Collection) processes adipose grafts for Tulip MicroFat and Tulip TRUE NanoFat using a patented closed system that protects the graft from exposure to contaminants during centrifugation and protects your staff from potential aerosolized biohazards. 

- Competitive Edge:

Fat grafting facelift with Tulip MicroFat and Tulip TRUE NanoFat is highly sought-after because it delivers a more natural and youthful result. Tulip MicroFat adds volumization that a facelift alone cannot achieve. Tulip TRUE NanoFat has scientifically proven regenerative capabilities, and adding it to your facelift delivers a rejuvenation of the skin texture, color, and thickness that cannot be achieved with a traditional facelift.

Your choice of a proven, patented system validated for this particular application sets you apart from other practices.

- Profitability:

Let's face it. Watching your bottom line is what makes your practice stable and valuable to your community. Offering this procedure can bring patients through your doors. But what's the bottom line?

 Per Patient Cost approximately $450

The Marten Master Collection for fat grafting facelift and facial rejuvenation can deliver profitability from the first patient forward – a valuable investment on your part.


How can you offer these highly-sought-after solutions to your patients and still shore up your bottom line?

The Marten Master Collection