Johnnie Snap™ - Patented Single-use, layout of six syringes with lock positions and sizes

Johnnie Snap™

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U.S. Patent Number 10702656

For 60cc and 20cc BD Syringes

Premium, pre-sterilized, patented single-use syringe locks – only from Tulip.

The Patented Johnnie Snap 60cc and 20cc syringe locks are designed to maintain vacuum at variable pressure levels, from low to high. With a newly designed plunger clip, this lock becomes one with the plunger delivering effortless vacuum pressure. The Johnnie Snap delivers incremental, low-pressure vacuum with 2 lock positions for 20cc syringes and 3 lock positions for 60cc syringes.

This product is a one-time, one syringe use. Available in packs of 5 single-use locks.

These Snap Locks fit 60cc and 20cc BD Syringes.