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SoftBreast™ Procedure Kit Single-use

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New! Introducing the SoftBreast Microfat + TNF Kit for Personalized Breast Enhancement

The SoftBreast system uses the patient’s own fat tissue to correct asymmetries, improve cleavage and add a natural soft look to the augmented breast. Optional TNF for the Décolletage in the aging patient completes the total Personalized Breast Enhancement procedure.


Available Options:

SoftBreast Microfat Kit


SoftBreast Microfat + TNF Kit

Includes everything above, plus the Tulip NanoFat system. Use Tulip NanoFat (TNF) for decolletage rejuvenation and scar revision.

  • 1 each Single-Use Tumescent Infiltrator 2.1mm x 15cm
  • 2 each Single-Use Miller Speed Harvester 2.1mm x 15cm
  • 1 each Single-Use Spoon Tip Injector 2.1mm x 15cm
  • 1 each Single-Use Tulip Injector 1.4mm x 9cm
  • 1 each Single-Use Tulip Injector 1.2mm x 7cm
  • 2 each Single-Use Miller OneSnap 60cc
  • 1 each Single-Use NanoTransfer Generation II
  • 1 each Single-Use Sizing Transfer 1.2mm
  • 1 each Single-Use Sizing Transfer 1.4mm
  • 2 each Single-Use Sizing Transfer 2.4mm
  • 4 each Harvesting Syringes 60cc BD
  • 6 each Harvesting Syringes 10cc BD
  • 6 each Injection Syringes 1cc BD