SoftBreast Microfat Tulip TRUE NanoFat  Kit

Tulip Nano SoftBreast™ Kit Single-use

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Personalized Breast Enhancement, with or without implants, for aesthetic and reconstructive applications
 Why patients want Tulip’s Personalized Breast Enhancement with fat:

Aesthetic patients are more and more seeking breast enhancement procedures that are more natural-looking and feeling than implants alone. The implant “look” is a legacy look that is not appealing to most of today’s patients. However, many patients don’t realize there are very natural and low-risk alternatives that utilize the patient’s own fat to enhance the breast.

Patients are happily surprised to learn that they can achieve moderately increased volume in their breasts with fat from other parts of their bodies. If they want a larger volume result, fat from their body can be layered on top of implants to soften and mask the implant and to treat asymmetries that implants alone cannot treat. Fat Grafting and Breast Augmentation Article


More and more patients are seeking explantation of their silicone implants for preventative reasons. Fat makes an ideal low-risk replacement that comes with no foreign body health concerns. Lipoaugmentation following Implant Removal Preferred by Plastic Surgeons and the General Public Article 


Reconstruction patients, who have experienced enough trauma already, can expect even more benefits from fat. Rebuilding the breast complex with fat (or implants and fat) offers the doctor the tools they need to reform a normal breast shape. If radiation therapy has left the patient with painful Radiation-Induced Fibrosis (RIF), fat injected into the area can soften the tissue and help relieve the pain caused by RIF.  Autologous Fat Grafting Reduces Pain in Irradiated Breast: A Review of Our Experience Article


 And finally, let’s talk about the aging décolletage - a challenging area to treat, yet a region where millions of aging women would like rejuvenation. Tulip’s True NanoFat (TNF) can effectively treat the sun-damaged, thin-skinned décolletage. Published scientific articles demonstrate the rejuvenating and regenerative results obtained by intradermal injections of Tulip TNF into the décolletage.  

SoftBreast Microfat + TNF Kit

Includes everything above, plus the Tulip NanoFat system. Use Tulip TRUE NanoFat (TNF) for decolletage rejuvenation and scar revision.