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Tulip Gold Standard Facial Set™

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The Tulip Gold Standard Facial Set is your workhorse set for structural facial contouring with MicroFat. All instruments are treated with Tulip’s proprietary CellFriendly coating making them lubricious so they glide easily through the tissue. Not only does this give these instruments a desirable tactile feel, it adds an important level of control especially in thin-skinned and delicate areas such as around the eyes. All the instruments have the patented SuperLuerLok hub that won’t wobble, leak or accidentally detach. The SuperLuerLok hub makes the instrument feel like an extension of the surgeon’s hand. 

Note: Other harvesters can be substituted for the Sorensen Harvester.

Please call 800-325-6526 to request this choice when ordering.


Want to add Nanofat to your facial procedure?

Gen I Nano Set (reusable)

Gen II Nano Set (single-use)


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