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Ghavami Gluteal Master Collection

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Procedure: Gluteal Augmentation with MicroFat and NanoFat

Gluteal augmentation with fat, aka Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL), is a highly sought-after procedure that can significantly enhance the body's shape and beauty. It can also enhance your bottom line. However, safety is a concern when using specific injection methods and equipment. Dr. Ashkan Ghavami, a board-certified plastic surgeon in Beverly Hills, is a member of the Multi-Society Gluteal Fat Grafting Task Force. This task force recently published safety guidelines that can ensure you're keeping your patient's safety front of mind when performing this procedure. (View safety guidelines here.)

 Like all body sculpting procedures, gluteal augmentation with fat is evolving into a safer, more effective way to reshape the physique. The published safety guidelines offer a significant advancement in the safety of this procedure. A meaningful advancement in efficacy is the use of Tulip’s TRUE NanoFat as a supercharging agent to gluteal microfat grafts. By adding TRUE NanoFat to your gluteal microfat graft, you add a high concentration of regenerative cells that can help with graft retention, the healing process, and improvement in the skin's texture. See the science behind Tulip’s TRUE NanoFat here. (View Dr. Llull’s article here)

 The Ghavami Master Collection equips your practice to perform this leading-edge gluteal augmentation with instrumentation that falls under the published safety guidelines. The patented Tulip NanoFat system included in the Ghavami Master Collection empowers you to power-up your Tulip MicroFat grafts to produce the ideal implant for advanced gluteal augmentation.

 With your investment in the Ghavami Master Collection, you receive a well-designed, cost-effective tool that helps you:

 Be competitive in your marketplace

  • Offer the most advanced technique
  • Enjoy the peace of mind of high patient safety standards
  • Add more profitability to your practice


Benefits of Purchasing the Ghavami Master Collection


  • Everything you need in one well-designed system
  • Easy-to-follow protocol
  • Free Tulip Zoom Training for you and your clinical staff

Peace of Mind:

  • Your instrumentation meets the published safety guidelines
  • Your patented centrifugation system (included in the Ghavami Master Collection) keeps your patient’s grafts in a closed system
  • You’re using a system trusted by gluteal augmentation experts worldwide

 Competitive Edge:

  • You can offer your patients the most advanced technique of supercharging your microfat grafts with Tulip’s TRUE NanoFat
  • You can cite the published scientific study that proves the regenerative potency of Tulip’s TRUE NanoFat
  • By adhering to the published safety guidelines, you instill confidence in your patients that they are in the best hands


 Your low initial investment includes free Tulip Zoom Training for you and your clinical staff

  • The Tulip TRUE NanoFat instrumentation included in your Ghavami Master Collection can be used to add myriad nanofat applications to your practice
  • You have a low per-patient cost which means a high rate of return on each procedure

 (Per Patient Cost $451.40)

This Master Collection is a combination of current kits and items. See below for specific kits and items in this master collection.

  • Ghavami Gluteal  + TNF
    • Your complete system for small volume fat transfer
    • Includes reusable instruments for:
      • Harvesting
      • Infiltration
      • Sizing
      • Injection
      • NanoFat
  • NanoSpin Crown System
    • Complete system for closed-system centrifuge processing
    • Includes
      • Centrifuge
      • Tulip Crowns
      • 1 box 10cc BD Syringes
      • 2 Packs Centrifuge Luer Tip Caps
  • Accessories
      • Syringe Stand Large
      • Cleaning Brushes Large
      • Autoclave Tray Large
      • 60cc Monoject Power Adapter
      • 60cc Snap Lock
      • 1 Box 60cc Monoject Toomey Tip Syringes
      • 1 Pack of 5ea Toomey Syringe Caps