Ghavami SEE & DO Mastery Bundle

Ghavami SEE & DO Mastery Bundle

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Created in partnership with the San Diego Academy of Regenerative Therapies (SDARTS)

SEE: Ashkan Ghavami, MD, Tulip View Live recorded presentation: Fat Transfer: Breast, Buttocks, and Face. (54 Minutes)

DO: The Ghavami Gluteal Set with TNF Curated Tulip Instrument Set for fat transfer and Tulip TRUE NanoFat

Save $125 by bundling! 

The Ghavami Mastery Bundle includes the Ghavami Gluteal Set plus Dr. Ghavami’s exclusive presentation “Fat Transfer: Breast, Buttocks, and Face,” featured on the SDARTs Online Learning Platform.

First, SEE Dr. Ashkan Ghavami’s detailed presentation on his highly sought-after fat transfer results that have become a viral sensation. Dr. Ghavami explains how he uses fat transfer and its versatility to expertly contour the breast, buttocks, and face for seamless and unparalleled results.

 Next, DO the technique by using the instruments that Dr. Ghavami uses. Use the Ghavami Gluteal Set in your practice. Specially curated by Dr. Ghavami for expert body contouring. This versatile set is ideal for Mommy Makeovers, breast enhancement, gluteal augmentation, reshaping the mid-torso, and producing a unified, curvaceous shape from the neck to the knees. With this set, Dr. Ghavami chose each component for effortless and tactile fat grafting to achieve natural-looking results.

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