Liquid Rhino Tulip Bounty Bundle
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Liquid Rhinoplasty Bundle

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This office-based procedure with its quick recovery time is growing inpatient popularity. Elegantly reconstruct, restore, or repair the appearance of the nose with your patient's liquid gold. Use The Liquid Rhino Bundle to harvest fat for volumizing, rasp and shape cartilage, and sculpt the area around the nose. Add Tulip’s Gen 2 Nanofat Kit and Micro Injectors to improve the color and texture of the skin on and around the nose.

Bundle Includes: 

  • 2-Hole Rasping Harvester on a Green SuperLuerLok Hub (17g) 1.4mm x 10cm
  • Cobra BiBevel Round Harvester on a Green SuperLuerLok Hub (16g) 1.6mm x 10cm 
  • Standard Harvester on a Green SuperLuerLok Hub (17g) 1.4mm x 10cm

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