Timothy Marten, MD on facial sculpting and rejuvenation using MicroFat and Tulip TRUE NanoFat

Marten SEE & DO Mastery Bundle

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Created in partnership with the San Diego Academy of Regenerative Therapies (SDARTS)


SEE: Timothy Marten, MD, Tulip View Live recorded presentation: How Fat Grafting Can Make Your Facelifts Better. (37 Minutes)

DO: The Marten Clinic Set with TNF – Curated Tulip Instrument Set for fat transfer and Tulip TRUE NanoFat™


Elevate your facelift expertise and save money with this SEE and DO Mastery Bundle.

Save $20 by bundling!

First, SEE Dr. Marten’s renowned teachings on how the strategic application of fat grafting can enhance the results of a traditional facelift. In this detailed lecture, Dr. Marten explains how he uses fat grafting as a solution for facial atrophy, thinning skin and asymmetries and achieves rejuvenation results that cannot be accomplished by facelift alone.

Next, DO the technique by using the instruments Dr. Marten uses. The Marten Clinic Set is a comprehensive collection of Tulip CellFriendly instrumentation for refined facial sculpting and rejuvenation using MicroFat and Tulip TRUE NanoFat™.


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