MicroGrafting Master's Tulip Bounty Bundle
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MicroGrafting Master's Bundle

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Effortlessly create customized rejuvenation results with the Micrografting Master’s Bundle. No two faces are the same. This Master’s Bundle is for the discriminating sculptor who treats every face as a work of art. Enhance your workhorse armamentarium with the Master’s Bundle, the Tulip Gen 2 NanoFat set, and Tulip microinjectors. Why deliver ordinary results when you can be exceptional?

Bundle Includes: 

  • Tonnard Harvester on a Green SuperLuerLok Hub (14g) 2.1mm x 15cm 
  • Field Flap Specialty Cannula on a Green SuperLuerLok Hub (17g) 1.4mm x 15cm 
  • Ersek Injector on a Green SuperLuerLok Hub (16g) 1.6mm x 15cm 

Note: We cover all Bounty items under Tulip’s standard warranty. All Bounty sales are final. No returns or refunds.