Nabil Fakih SEE & DO Mastery Bundle

Nabil Fakih SEE & DO Mastery Bundle

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Created in partnership with the San Diego Academy of Regenerative Therapies (SDARTS)

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The Nabil Fakih SEE and DO Mastery Bundle Includes the Nabil Fakih Master Face Set plus the Nabil Fakih Fat Grafting Master Class on the SDARTs Online Learning Platform.

We are delighted to introduce the Nabil Fakih Mastery Bundle. This first-of-its-kind See and Do Bundle will elevate your skills and expand the scope of your facial rejuvenation patient offerings. Virtually attend Dr. Nabil Fakih's eighty-minute Fat Grafting Master Class for Facial Rejuvenation: Macrofat, Microfat, SNIF, SNIE and Nanofat and save $190 on the combined price of Dr. Fakih's Master Class and his personally curated Nabil Fakih Master Face Set. 

Master Dr. Nabil Fakih’s renowned facial lipofilling and scar revision techniques. First, learn virtually with your exclusive access to the Nabil Fakih Fat Grafting Master Class which explains the facts and myths about microfat and nanofat, fat cell survivability, and vascularization. Dr. Fakih defines Macrofat, Microfat, SNIF, SNIE, and Nanofat and explains their physiological functions in facial rejuvenation. This Master Class demonstrates how to use the Nabil Fakih Master Face Set and the anatomical applications of each type of fat. See and do with this complete Mastery bundle. 

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