Tulip GOLD Procedure Kit

Tulip GOLD Procedure Kit

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Everything You Need to Obtain Nanofat: The Tulip GOLD Kit

Tulip’s GOLD (Gentle Office-Based Lipoaspirate Delivery) kit provides everything you need to harvest and prepare microfat and nanofat for use in an office-based setting.

Using a closed syringe lipoaspiration system, our GOLD kits provide a less traumatic and more efficient approach to acquiring Adipose Tissue Complex (ATC) as a structural or regenerative graft without surgery.

  • The protocol and the kit have been clinically validated for safety, ease of use, viability, and consistent output, leading to more predictable outcomes.
  • The GOLD Kit provides a safe and efficacious low-pressure acquisition of ATC.
  • The harvested fat can be used as microfat or nanofat.

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Each Kit Contains:

1 Single-Use Infiltrator 
1 Single-Use Harvester 
1 Single-Use Johnnie Snap 
1 Single-Use One Patient NanoTransfer Kit
2 BD 20mL Syringes
2 BD 10mL Syringes
1 Hypodermic Needle 

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