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Tulip Gen I NanoFat™ Set

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Tulip's PATENTED NanoTransfer System is the first closed system designed to produce nanofat as described and published by nanofat pioneers Drs. Tonnard and Verpaele. Designed in collaboration with Drs. Tonnard and Verpaele, The Tulip NanoTransfer System makes processing nanofat in the clinical setting safe, reproducible, and quick.


Tulip NanoFat (TNF) is useful in over twenty aesthetic patient applications from undereye discoloration to scar revision. It is rejuvenating in nature and is a perfect complement to the structural capabilities of Tulip MicroFat. (For more NanoFacts, click here (TNF site))


Tulip's NanoTransfer System supports Tulip's clinically validated protocol that delivers consistent results. When used according to the protocol, the Tulip NanoTransfer System consistently sizes adipose tissue down to Tulip NanoFat, which is injectable intradermally with 27g and 30g needles and maintains cellular viability. (For the scientific characterization of Tulip NanoFat, click here (Llull article))


NOTE: The NanoTransfer housing and sizing transfers are reusable. However, the sterile cartridges are not reusable -- they are single-use.  This set comes with 5 starter cartridges. Additional cartridges are available here.


Tulip's patent-pending NanoTransfer System - taking fat transfer to the smallest level.


Included in the Set: