Tulip SuperSpin™
Tulip SuperSpin™
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Tulip SuperSpin™
Tulip SuperSpin™

Tulip SuperSpin™

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Tulip SuperSpin™

Advanced multi-volume tissue processing
A high-quality centrifuge designed for large and small volume fat transfer procedures - Tulip's new, proprietary SuperSpin rotor securely holds:

• 60cc syringes

• 20cc syringes

• 10cc syringes.
It also has the ability to hold any 4 syringes of variable sizes simultaneously.
The SuperSpin has an autoclavable rotor and syringe holders that make sterile processing simple.
• Rotor holds 4 syringes

• 800-5000 rpm speed range

• 4,250 Max G-force

• 120V with a DC motor

Made in the USA


Note: This centrifuge is new and unused. Quality assurance has opened this item to inspect and ensure the functionality is standard. This item is non-returnable, non-refundable, and is not covered by the manufacturer’s warranty. 

This centrifuge is covered under a Tulip 30-day functionality warranty.


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